Immunohistochemical study methods in the department of morbid anatomy (DMA)

Morphological and immunohistochemical diagnostics of neoplasms of different locations, in particular, brain tumors, hemoblastosis, cancers of female genital organs, urinary system, etc. is carried out in the department of morbid anatomy. Immunohistochemical studies using specific antibodies can determine the source of tumor development and its structural features, the knowledge of which is necessary primarily for the chemotherapist to order adequate therapy to the patient.

Another relevant and popular area of morphological study is the study of the endometrial condition in women suffering from infertility or miscarriage using the combined morphological method, which includes histological, immunohistochemical and morphometric studies of the endometrium. The results of this diagnosis allow us to assess the readiness of the endometrium for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and treatment correction. The work is carried out by physicians of superior expert category having the Habilitation degree in Medicine and the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences.


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