Molecular genetic studies by PCR - polymerase chain reaction

Molecular genetic studies by PCR - polymerase chain reaction

PCR diagnostics allows the identification of genetic polymorphisms of a hereditary predisposition to diseases. Genes whose variant forms, under certain conditions, predispose to the development of certain diseases, are called predisposition genes. Combinations of variant susceptibility genes constitute the genetic risks of diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombosis, diabetes, asthma, tumors and many others. Genetic testing helps to identify the individual risk of exposure to diseases and the effects of negative environmental factors, especially metabolism, drug metabolism, behavior, etc.

We offer the following types of PCR diagnostics:

  • CardioGenetics Thrombophilia.
  • Genetics of folate metabolism.
  • Genotyping HLA Grade 2.
  • Oncohematology.
  • Research on STIs, HPV of high and low oncogenic risk, viruses.


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