Organ arteries embolization

Organ arteries embolization

Interventions are performed in the case of uterine myoma or endometriosis, hemangioma, or arteriovenous malformation of the liver and kidney with the aim of impairing blood flow and regressing the disease. In case of portal hypertension syndrome, spleen embolization is performed to reduce blood flow to the varicose veins of the esophagus and stomach.

All interventions are performed through a small puncture of the skin (1-2 mm in diameter) on the leg or arm. After our operations, there are no large incisions, scars, intraoperative blood loss is minimal. Our interventions are painless, most of them do not require anesthesia, are performed under local anesthesia and are well tolerated by patients.

Surgeries are performed using an angiographic complex Artis Zee biplane (Siemens) with a physiological monitoring and post-processing system of the received data.


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