The order of treatment

1. Read information regarding medical care profiles on our website.

2. Send your request to our e-mail or call our contact person:

Elena Alekseevna Kondratieva

+7 (831) 438-93-17

Sorokin Igor Gennadievich

+7 (831) 438-93-68

3. Receive confirmation for treatment and follow recommendations received from the medical organization regarding preparation of required documentation.

4. In case of additional questions contact the head of the legal and personnel department, ministry of health, Nizhny Novgorod region Timofeeva Vera Vladimirovna: +7 (831) 435-79-00. Telephone number of the Coordinating Center of the Nizhny Novgorod Region +7 (908) 166-29-29.

5. Choose accommodation and transport for a comfortable stay in Nizhny Novgorod.

In case of outpatient treatment, you can select your lodging option using the following resources:

Or seek help from a tour agency / assistance company.

If you are planning to be hospitalized, please, find out all required information from a corresponding medical facility.

Please, contact the medical facility in advance regarding your hospitalization options.

6. Assistance in preparation of required documents to enter the Russian Federation from abroad.

6.1. Preparation of an invitation.

The medical organization that has confirmed the possibility of your treatment can issue you an invitation to come to Russia, as well as resolve the issue of registration with the immigration service. To get more detailed information, please, refer to a contact person.

6.2. Preparation of required documents in order to get a visa by third persons.

If matters related to your treatment are being carried out by a tourist agency or an assistance company, you may ask them to prepare all necessary visa documents on your behalf.

Welcome to Nizhny Novgorod!